Topeka Kansas Restaurants Are A Delight And Here Are Two Of The Best

Topeka Kansas Restaurants Are A Delight And Here Are Two Of The Best

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As the bustling and beautiful capital city of Kansas, Topeka offers up some great restaurants. If you look at the lists of the top establishments, there are surely some good ones. As a matter of fact, you don’t have to do that because you’re about to find out about some of those restaurants. What do people in Topeka like to eat? There are over 275 restaurants in the capital city, so let’s go grab a bite to eat.

I’m going to take you into Lonnie Q’s BBQ, which is on SE 21st Street. You are already going to get a look at what people in Topeka like to eat. They evidently like their smoked turkey, which is different if you are from Texas like me. Texas is a big barbecue place, but turkey isn’t always on the menu, except smoked turkey legs at the fairs and such. You can also get your ribs, cheesy potatoes and all kinds of great foods at Lonnie Q’s BBQ.

It doesn’t get less interesting, as there are just so many restaurants to choose from. Next I will take you into a place that by name you would likely pick to visit while on vacation. Thankfully it is a top restaurant, #2 according to one travel site. Blind Tiger is the name, and you are talking about prime rib, fish and chips, burnt ends and all the goodies. One recent review talks about this place being a brewery, so that would be interesting.

Blind Tiger is also serving up brisket, and that is definitely a favorite of BBQ places in Texas. It is now your turn to enjoy these two restaurants in person, and there are so many more. One more top restaurant to close with would be Tuptim Thai, and now it is time to loosen your belt.

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