Two Unique Restaurants In Topeka Kansas For You To Check Out

Two Unique Restaurants In Topeka Kansas For You To Check Out

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These two interesting establishments in Topeka are bound to fit your agenda. You are talking about a uniquely named establishment that starts its menu highlights with steak, and then the second place is a Mongolian grill. You are surely eager to get started with this review of the two best restaurants in town. Did I say town? Well, you know you’re in the capital city ready to get a bite to eat or soon to be anyway.

What do you say we get started with the Mongolian Grill? HuHot Mongolian Grill is even located on a street with a unique name compared to many other Topeka restaurants. It is on SW Huntoon Street, and it is an all you can eat affair. You’re talking about getting to watch them cook up your food and all. Have you ever been to a Mongolian Grill before? You will notice similarities, that being one of them. Are you ready to build a bowl of fresh Mongolian beef and broccoli, or would you rather have yours built another way?

Up next is Coyote Canyon, and what a name that is for a restaurant. It is located on SW Ashworth, and guess what, I paired two buffets in the same article. While this is not a Golden Corral chain restaurant, that is a great way to mention the type of place this seems to be, right down to the chocolate fountain. With steak as a choice and plenty of other great options, this top rated buffet is a hit. Stop on by Coyote Canyon with the family and get your fill.

There you have it, two unique buffer places in Topeka, Kansas. One serves up Mongolian food, and the other serves up American food. You’re going to have some great dinners, but don’t forget to keep on checking back in for more top restaurants in Topeka.

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